Frequently Asked Questions

Identity Rise’s services Frequently Asked Questions

1- Instagram management Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of growing a large Instagram following? A large Instagram following is kind of like having that big shiny office at the top of the building, it gives you clout, which brings recognition, which attracts new business, partnerships, and opportunities. However, if you build the WRONG following (which happens), you’ll see no conversions.

How do you manage my account? Each account manager is given multiple iPhone 5c devices. Your account will be on it’s own unique device, we use Proxies and VPN where necessary just to avoid login attempts being flagged.

How many followers will I receive? This varies massively from one account to the next, your content plays a huge part. We achieve anywhere from 800 – 2,500 followers per month for our clients.

Are the followers fake? Absolutely not. We believe in quality over quantity. We do targeted growth only, which is why we must first develop a strategy to know who we are targeting and why!

Is this service safe to use? Yes. We use real people to grow your account, not bots or shady tactics 100% effective, safe and compliant. Please ensure if you have used Automation Software in the past your account is fully disconnected from any ex-Growth Services.

Can I use Instagram as usual? Yes 100%. Our service is completely non-interruptive and you can use Instagram as you usually would.

Do you work with every brand and niche? Yes. We have supported companies and individuals from all over the world in practically every industry! However: We will NOT support any accounts that promote cancer-causing substances (nicotine), or accounts propagating hate, racism, sexism, or anything harmful. If you are not sure, Contact Us!

Do Action Block or “Account Compromised” Message Still Occur? These events are rare, but they still can happen. Action blocks and account compromised messages may still occur when growing manually. If they do occur, we’ll take the appropriate actions to make sure your account stays safe.

May I post new content on my Instagram account during the marketing period? We advise you to keep posting new content. By keep posting new content on your Instagram, it will increase the effectiveness of this service.

Are my Followers Permanent? By using our service, you will gain real followers. So that, we have no control over their action. You may lose some followers for some reasons (Eg. No longer interested in your content/service anymore, etc.). But, during the marketing period, you will gain new followers daily.

Can you tell me how many X amount of followers or sales will I get? We do not guarantee anything as there a lot of factors that can affect this. However, we can promise that your page will grow. Please be aware, that it may take time for the momentum to build up. As we are targeting REAL people REAL account. Not bots, paid followers nor spams.

How can I maximize this service? The success of your Instagram depends on you. Please make sure to post quality content in order to maintain & keep your hard earned followers. However, we are here to assist you and provide advice. Make sure to focus on your content as we will be handling and doing the boring parts.

Can you target by location/country? In order to do this, you have to give us accounts with a lot of local followers for example if you want more followers in the U.S.A you will have to give us accounts who have a lot of followers in the U.S.A. Also, hashtags dedicated to the target country can be used.

Identity Rise Frequently Asked Questions

2- Remove bots Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a safe management? Yes, all strategies are manual, applied without the use of cheap software, bots or third-party applications which only hurt the health of your account. In addition, the guidelines of Instagram are 100% respected by our team.

What’s special about this service that I can’t find in the others? All our methods are manual and completely safe, so your account is never put at risk by the use of “magic tools” which can cause a permanent ban on your account.

Can you remove the followers from a specific country? No, we cannot remove users from a specific location. Instagram does not publicly provide location data for its users.

Can I use my account during the cleaning? You can use your account normally, but please stop any mass liking, mass following/unfollowing strategies (perform many actions per day).

Can you remove people who don’t like my content? Please note that we cannot remove “non-engagement followers”, only ghosts, bots, and inactive followers.

I’ve bought bots followers in the past, can you remove them all? It is impossible to remove 100% of bad followers, however, we can remove up to 70% (which would make a significant difference).

3- Social Media Management Frequently Asked Questions

Does social media really matter? Absolutely! 91% of sites ranking on page #1 in Google are active on social media! It’s also a huge factor for improving brand visibility.

I don’t have social profiles yet! No problem at all. We can do initial profile setup for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business and Twitter in Custom Order.

Can I still create my own posts on social media? Definitely, While you can easily outsource all of your social media management to us, you’re free to post to your accounts whenever you like.

Do you design content for posting? Yes we do. It will be related to your brand theme

Can I review what’s going to be posted first? YES, You can log in to your account at any time and see what has been scheduled for publishing. You’ll have complete control of the posts, and can edit or delete them before they’re ever published.

Are there any hidden costs? There are NO hidden costs.

Can you tag location with each post? Yes possible, we can tag location or persons

4- Influencer Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Influencers? Accounts who have more than 10,000 followers & engagement ratio of more than 2

How do you find the influencers? We find influencers based on the niche, location and size of following.

What is the size of the influencer you select? We aim for at least 25 000 to 50 000 followers

Do I need to pay extra for the Influencers? The price we charge includes finding the right influencers for your business, The Influencers fee is NOT included. In case you want us to do the contacting, negotiations and developing the campaign, Kindly contact us with a custom order.

How much do the influencers cost? It varies, depends on their followers range. The average cost is $20-100$, although every influencer chooses their own pricing.

Can you find influencers in specific regions? If you specify a region, we can do our best to find influencers in those regions but we CANNOT guarantee all influencers or followers will be from specific regions.

Can I choose which influencers to work with? It depends on your brand and product, we will advise you on the best influencers we have and let you make the final decision.

What information do I need to provide? We will need your website, the product you sell and a description of the people you want to target.

What are the details which will be provided of the influencers? You’ll get Influencer’s Username, Full name, No. of followers, No. of following, Bio, Engagement ratio, Avg. likes (per post), Avg. comments (per post) & Contact details.

What all you look into while researching influencers? Influencers can be either people based influencers or page based influencers but most important thing is they should belong to your niche & don’t have fake engagement.

How many followers will the influencers have? All the influencers will have min. 10k followers. If you want to narrow down the range, we’re open to that depending on the number of influencers you order. But, in the end we’ll focus on the Quality of influencers rather than the quantity.

Why so cheap? We all know the feeling of when you start, the budget is limited. We would like to cater to all type of clients. We do not limit ourselves just to providing influencers list. We would also give you tips to improve your instagram marketing & possibly some free services also.